Leica Rotatable Beamsplitter

Cambio Fácil y Rápido de Lado a Lado para el Asistente.


For those Surgical Procedures where an assistant is needed or the microscope’s configuration has to be changed in-between surgical procedures, Leica presents a two-beampath solution.

This easy side-to-side quick changer of the assistant observer optics is the ideal accessory for the increasing number of temporal approach cataract surgeries, cranial and ENT procedures.

The Rotatable Beamsplitter can be used with the Leica M620, M820 Ophthalmic Microscopes and Leica M525 F20 and M525 F40 otolaryngology microscopes.


Handsfree Adjustment:

Handsfree adjustment of the motorized 5-step APO-chromatic magnification changer and focus helps to speed up surgery.

Dedicated video port:

The dedicated video port at the back of the beamsplitter keeps the camera in position all the time and eliminates the need to reposition it from case to case.

Provides bright illumination:

The 50/50 beamsplitter provides bright illumination for high definition video and retinal procedures when a superior degree of light is required.