WhiteStar Signature®


The WHITESTAR Signature™ System is more than just the latest phaco technology — it’s an all-new surgical platform.

It represents a breakthrough in safe, easy lens removal technology that has never been available to the cataract surgeon — until now. And it comes from the company that has pioneered virtually every major breakthrough in phacoemulsification in the past two decades.

Only the WHITESTAR Signature™ System combines the safety of revolutionary Fusion™ Fluidics with the optimized cavitation of WHITESTAR® Technology. The integration of these technologies creates the versatility needed to remove both hard and soft lenses.

Fusion™ Fluidics provides increased chamber stability and safety to ensure better patient outcomes. It anticipates intraocular changes and proactively adjusts, so chamber stability is never compromised—even at higher vacuum and flow settings, with any technique, on any lens type. Based on pre-set specifications, Fusion™ Fluidics adapts to changes in vacuum immediately and automatically.

* Fusion™ Fluidics surge-prevention technology allows the use of high vacuum and flow settings to reduce phaco time and increase efficiency.

* Improves chamber stability by anticipating occlusions and preemptively adjusting vacuum before occlusion breaks.

* Provides precise, low-flow parameters for complicated cases.

* One-step, auto-loading Fusion™ Fluidics cassette decreases turnover time.

When the ‘Up Time’ has elapsed, Fusion™ Fluidics proactively steps down the vacuum to the predefined level before the occlusion breaks4.

Cross the ‘Up Threshold’ and you are actively using Fusion™ Fluidics as a tool. The system then anticipates occlusion breaks and steps down the vacuum.

The ELLIPS® FX Technology takes lens extraction to a higher level of performance, with the total approach to lens extraction technology, ELLIPS® FX technology is specially designed for smoother cutting and excellent efficiency—all without having to change your preferred technique. The only technology that optimizes cutting efficiency by simultaneously combining longitudinal and transversal motions.

Ellips™ Transversal Ultrasoundthe optimized alternative to torsional phaco

The WHITESTAR Signature™ System now combines Ellips™ Transversal Ultrasound with the cutting efficiency of WHITESTAR® Technology for a revolution in lens removal safety.

* Longitudinal and transversal ultrasound simultaneously blended for constant emulsification that’s designed to reduce clogging.

* Efficient cutting that doesn’t require a change in technique and works with any tip style—straight or curved.

* Optimized with WHITESTAR® Micropulse Technology— provides superior magnetic followability.

* Minimizes risk of thermal damage1.

Elliptical cutting pattern enhances lens emulsification.