E2 Laser and Endoscopy System


This compact laser and endoscopy unit houses a 300W or 175W Xenon light source, diode laser and video camera. The laser output, pulse width,light and aiming beam intensity are contollable and parameters are displayed on a back-lit, frontpanel LED. A foot pedal enables hands-free operation. For safety, there is an emergency shutoff button. The rear panel features connectors for video monitors, recording devices and video printers.

OME2000: Includes 810nm diode laser, 175 watt Xenon light source, high resolution video camera, footswitch control, and flight case.


Weight: 47 lbs
Power: 120V AC; 50/60 Hz; 220/240V AC; 50/60 Hz
Laser: Class IV; 810nm Diode Laser; Pulsed; CW; 1.2 Watts Power Output; 640 nm Diode Laser (aiming beam)
Laser Fiber: 200 m, 22NA Fiber Assembly
Light: 300W or 175W Xenon Light Source
Camera: High Resolution Camera System, S/N 46 dB or more
Output: VBS 1.0 V (p-p), (BNC Terminal) NTSC System Y/C Separation Output (S terminal) Output Impedence: 75 unbalanced