Aviso S


Aviso S

Aviso is the flagship ultrasound system from Quantel Medical.

Aviso is a customizable ultrasound platform that provides unparalleled image quality for posterior pole and anterior segment diagnosis thanks to the 10 & 20 MHz B-scan, linear scanning UBM 50 MHz, 25 MHz and biometry probes.

It covers a wide variety of clinical applications such as:

Glaucoma management

Vitreoretinal diseases

Intraocular tumors

Cataract surgery

Refractive surgery

Corneal diseases

The powerful and user friendly interface includes some of Quantel Medical’s advancement in ultrasound diagnosis such as Varigain (for gain adjustment on a frozen image) and Cineloop (the automatic video recording of the last 10 seconds of examination).

Aviso is EMR and DICOM compatible to answer the needs of data transfer and storage of modern practices.