WaveScan WaveFront™ System


Registration + Resolution

The AMO WaveScan WaveFront™ System leads the industry for outstanding wavefront acquisition and diagnostic capabilities. Fast and powerful, the WaveScan System delivers unprecedented measurement accuracy, enhancing the precision of the Advanced CustomVue™ procedure.

Using AMO Fourier algorithms, WaveScan captures the unique imperfections of each patient’s eye using 100 percent of the available Hartmann-Shack data points for more accurate wavefront error reconstruction. The system provides the highest resolution available for any shape pupil (up to 7 mm), enabling precise, individualized treatment for the broadest range of visual imperfections.


Additional Benefits

* Personalizes the Advanced CustomVue™ treatment for each patient according to the unique characteristics of his or her eyes.

* Allows you to link diagnostic information to laser treatment.

* Advanced features like off-line programming and auto exam selection improve workflow efficiencies.