Supra 577-Y


SUPRA 577 nm

The « Gold standard » in photocoagulation

* Solid-state technology
– Sealed laser cavity
– Power: 2 W

* Ergonomy

Detachable touch-screen 

– User-friendly, intuitive color screen
– Wide screen for better visibility

Multi-position laser

Designed to fit into all work environments
Portable: 9 kg

* Intuitive software: the vitra effect

– Customized configurations
– Program and record settings-up to 60 procedures
– Fast-access settings
– More readable settings

* Usability

GentleFoot® foot pedal:
All laser settings can be accessed via the foot pedal:

– No need to interrupt the procedure to adjust your settings
– Free assistants from their laser management duties
– An illuminated indicator facilitates foot pedal location

Vocal module: confirmation of treatment settings