iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser


All of our femtosecond expertise culminates in our 5th-generation iFS™ Laser. The iFS™ Laser gives surgeons greater control for maximum customization — providing an indispensible tool for LASIK and beyond. With over 5 million procedures performed to date, IntraLase® Technology is the femtosecond technology of choice.


Flap Architecture Innovations

The iFS™ Laser brings two major innovations in flap architecture: the inverted bevel-in side cut and elliptical-shaped flaps. When combined with a faster repetition rate and tighter spot/line separation, our 5th-generation iFS™ Laser is a versatile tool that preserves corneal innervation and allows post-operative healing by creating a biomechanically stable corneal flap.

* Inverted bevel-in side cut up to 150° for improved biomechanical stability1.

* Elliptical flap option to maximize stromal bed exposure.

* Tighter spot separation provides smoother stromal beds and a virtually effortless flap lift2.

* Lower energy per pulse, which may reduce tissue response and inflammation.

Greater Biomechanical Stability and Faster Visual Recovery

The iFS™ Laser provides the ideal combination of advantages: minimal disruption of corneal architecture, stronger flaps, fewer possible complications plus faster visual recovery.1