Compact Touch STS


Compact Touch STS
Sulcus to sulcus eye sizer

Automatic Sulcus to Sulcus Measurementss

Sulcus to Sulcus Measurement is the Most Appropriate
* Akic IOLs sizing.
* Post-operative complications cancelation.

Ultrasound is the Most Effective

* Ciliary sulcus diameter visualization
* Sulcus to sulcus measurement
* IOL position assessment

Quantel Medical Ultrasound is the Most Accurate

The unique 50MHz linear probe, an advanced technology embarked. A specific design for the anterior chamber exploration:

* Sulcus to Sulcus measurement in one scan
* No image reconstruction
* No distortion due to the software or micro movements of the eye

Accurate measurement

Automatic Eye Sizer

Automatic Measurements
COMPACT TOUCH STS offers you quickly and automatically 10
measurements of:

* Sulcus to Sulcus
* Lens curvature
* Anterior chamber depth

It also calculates the average and selects the best scan

Innovative Enhancements to Simplify your Practice

An eye cup:
* Maximizes the perpendicularity
* Focuses quickly and correctly

Beam Box, a laser aiming beam for fixation point:

* Limits the eye movements
* Accelerates the measurements

Phakic IOL Simulator

A breakthrough in refractive, COMPACT TOUCH STS offers you to:

* Assess phakic lens fit with the eye’s dimensions
* Select the most “suitable” posterior phakic IOL for each individual