Baerveldt® Glaucoma Implant (Modelo BG-102-350)


Baerveldt® glaucoma implants are available in three models, all of which feature a larger surface area plate than competing single quadrant devices.

This large surface area combines with a streamlined design to result in a proven surgical option for patients suffering from uncontrollable glaucoma.


* Large Surface Area Plates
* Single-quadrant insertion
* Patented bleb control mechanism
* Decreased Bleb Height
* Low Incidence of Motility Disorders
* Low Edge Height
* Smooth, tumble-polished, pliable silicone plate material1,6
* Radiographic material1,6
* Four fenestrations to promote fibrous adhesion, which may reduce bleb height1,3,5
* An open drainage tube1,6,7,8
* Fixation suture holes1,6
* Recessed knot capability1


* Long-term intraocular pressure (IOP) control3,4
* Easier implantation3
* Reduced surgical time4
* Less trauma2,4
* Faster healing4